Thursday, July 16, 2009

I/You Are Invited

So, two things.

One: I've got this stupid Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" song stuck in my head.*

Two: Today has been a day of invitations. I was invited to head on over to a three day training session and then a job making more money per hour than I've ever made in my life (by 25%). It's no glamour position, but aside from superhero, what is? *2

Two-A: I've been invited to a music rock guitar funtime concert show featuring the new iteration of Alice In Chains. Now, I haven't heard the new singer, or any of their new material, but at one time I loved that band. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they do Layne Staley justice.*3

In honor of my day of invitations, here's a song about invitations. Note that my daughter went batshit crazy at 2 minutes, 35 seconds.

* If I got it in your head by mentioning it, I'm not sorry. Why should I suffer alone?

*2 How come I wasn't created by Dan Jurgens? Why couldn't I get a job as a night watchman in a space museum filled with the gadgets of heroes from the distant past? Damn you, Booster Gold, you've got all the luck.

*3 Here's a bonus song! Gotta get that Black Eyed Peas song out somehow, right? Teenage me identified more with Layne Staley (minus the eventually fatal drug habit) than any of the other grunge-era exemplars.


Jason said...

That sounds suspiciously like good news! Keeping with the theme, let me extend you and yours an open invitation to lands west; ie: Sun Prairie :)

carl hoffman said...

Congrats on the new job!
Thankfully, I don't know that Black Eyes Peas tune, so the virus passed me by.
And I can see why Miss Riley went crazy at 2:35. It does kick in, doesn't it?
Have fun at you "rock" "show".

Justin Riley said...

Jay - We'll have to get out to see you soon.

Carl - Same, but I'll see you Saturday?

carl hoffman said...

You WILL see me on Saturday.

StacieMichelle said...

I had never even heard Boom Boom Pow until I came to summer camp. Now I listen to it almost every day at lunch! AAaauuugghhHHhH!!! I also now know the words to "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and can dance Hannah Montana's Hoedown Throwdown. Yes, I am most definitely spending my summer with 7-15yr old girls...

And no, you won't be seeing me on Saturday. Mwah!!

Justin Riley said...

Stacie - I am confident that your suffering through Boom Boom Pow is punishment enough for not being at the Saturday festivities. Having done your penance, you are absolved.