Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Interweb Meme Of "On To You"

Respected yet pensive, biking-to-work public radio host John Moe started this with the prodding of Scott "I have a bitchin' podcast" Simpson.

Let's expand this series of tubes to let the world know "I'm On To You". Here's my contribution...

I'm on to you, guy wearing shorts on November 20th in Milwaukee.

I'm on to you, Henry Paulson.

I'm on to you, "The entire (insert name of comic book universe) will be changed forever!!!"

I'm on to you with a vengeance, out of state money to sway another state's civil rights laws.

And there's no way I couldn't be on to you, reduced size Cadbury Creme Eggs. My hunger found you out.

So, what are you on to? What or who isn't fooling you for a second. Leave your comments and I'll buy you a black and white cookie.*

* In honor of Barack Obama. No, not an Oreo, that's just wrong and mean. In honor of togetherness and unity and hope and change and cookies*2.

*2 Offer of cookie valid in Milwaukee, WI only. Sorry other 49 and D.C., I gots to look out for my peeps.


jordan said...

i'm on to you, guys with white shoes.
i'm on to you, fat people wearing baby clothes.
i'm on to you, holiday shoppers in early Nov.
i'm on to you, people in light jackets chain smoking in freezing weather.
i'm on to you, christian rapper down the hall.
i'm on to you, justin riley.

Justin Riley said...

Dammit! Now I've got to buy you a fucking cookie, don't I? I guess you are on to me. Well played, sir.

StacieMichelle said...

Can I just be on to myself?

Justin Riley said...

Yes, Stacie, you CAN be on to yourself. It does not guarantee you a cookie, though.

carl hoffman said...

I'm on to you, Wisconsin sausage makers who pretend to be as good as Usinger's.
I'm on to you, Hummer drivers.
I'm on to you, Comb-Over Guy.
I'm ESPECIALLY on to you, FratWig.

Justin Riley said...

We're ALL on to you, FratWig. Pack it in!