Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please Please Please

This would put a smile on my face comparable to The Kool-Aid Man's rictus grin*.

"Obstruction of justice! Ohhh yeaaah!!!"

*From back when "juice" was flavored sugar water and no one worried about basic health, much less jamming kids' bodies full of twelve kinds of workout enhancers. Of course, we're not exactly a nation of Hulk children*2, so I guess Gatorade has been lying to us.
*2 Yeah, I know Hulkling turned out to be a Skrull/Kree half-breed (not related to The Incredible Hulk at all), but my point remains the same. My point being, I'm a giant dork and maybe one person reading this understands what in the hell a Kree is. Rove sucks.

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