Monday, July 21, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation.........Or.........The Eight Pound Excuse

I know, I know. I disappeared with no advance warning. I didn't call, I didn't write. I'm a jerk. But, I have the best excuse in the history of excuses...

Niamh Karen Rose Riley*
July 12th, 2008
8 Lbs., 6.7 Oz.
21 1/4 inches

Rather than put up enough pictures to crash the interweb here in this post, I'll use the handy slideshow gadget*2 (on the sidebar of The Name Escapes Me) to allow those interested in basking in babitude to get their fill*3.

Once I adjust (again) to even less sleep than normal, I'll be back to my normal comic book/politics/winsome rap retrospective posting*4.

*Is awesome.

*2 Or 'widget'. Or is it 'Gidget'? No, wait, that's the surfer girl who grew up to be The Flying Nun.

*3 Also, enjoy the Lego Forces created by my son, Neil. Their names are as follows: Brainulus, Space Rider, Shark Man, Bomb Head, Blast Face, Captain Clone Man, and Death. This is what two guys do to reaffirm their manliness in a
house that now has gender equality.

*4 Oh joy.

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