Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have You Heard The Good News?

There's a nice review of Rival Angels on Ain't It Cool News*. Why is that good news? Because Rival Angels is the labor of love perpetrated on the interweb by my friend Alan Evans. He's a good guy, it's a fun read, and I am being paid to write this*2.

Also, I'd be missing a great whoring opportunity*3 if I neglected to mention that an upcoming chapter, on the origin of Sun Wong*4, is written by some dork named Justin Riley*5.

* Yes, it is cool.

*2 Not really. No "Blagojeviching" here.

*3 And I get so few of those now that I'm on government assistance. Actually, is it "whoring" if you don't get paid? Is pro bono "whoring" really "slutting" or "skanking"? Deep thoughts.

*4 The coolest titular Angel, IMHO.

*5 Obviously a pseudonym.

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