Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God, Please Help The GOP Win, Or People Will Think You're Soft On Heathens

Okay, this right here is a great example of intolerant thinking from the supposed turn-the-other-cheekers who believe in God's plan (until it looks like their guy isn't part of it this time around).

It's your standard 'Jesus, help my chosen candidate' speech until about 55 seconds in, and then it gets fun. Aside from name checking a previously unknown god named Hindu, Pastor Arnold Conrad presumes to tell God that if McCain doesn't win, He's going to look like a real wimp compared to all those unclean Muslims and Buddhists (and adherents of the god Hindu). I'm guessing that this guy's god, you know, God, might be a little miffed at being subject to 'prayer pressure'.

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Albone said...

Uh, wow. Y'know God doesn't get the PR that a deity his size deserves. It's true, if McCain loses, God will look soft, and we know the New Testament didn't do him any favors in that regard.